The Smart Islands programme is being delivered through a partnership made up of the following organisations:

Each partner is committed to achieving the ambitious goals of the project, using technology to meet the needs to Scilly's island community and developing solutions that can be applied everywhere.

Hitachi Europe Ltd

“Hitachi has for over 100 years developed social infrastructure that provides the foundations for nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and is today leading the way in developing the innovative solutions to meet our future needs. For Hitachi, Smart Islands represents a microcosm of the challenges that must be met and opportunities that must be seized to develop a new social infrastructure paradigm for our future generations. Smart Islands will integrate the latest information technology advances with new innovative infrastructure technologies to meet the islands’ needs, but perhaps more significantly, the Isles of Scilly has a strong and entrepreneurial community who, alongside innovative businesses on the islands, in Cornwall and beyond, will ‘co-create’ with Hitachi the solutions of the future.”

– Ram Ramachander, Chief Digital Officer


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Council of the Isles of Scilly

“All communities have an urgent need to reduce their carbon emissions, and through big increases in energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, Scilly will be well on the way to being a sustainable low-carbon community.

However Smart Islands will also deliver enormous improvements to waste, water and sewage. This is essential in delivering improvements to our ageing infrastructure, whilst delivering further environmental, economic and social benefits. Furthermore the project will start to deliver low carbon transport, making this project the complete package.

The community and businesses on Scilly will start to experience considerable benefits from this project as the project gathers momentum over the coming months and years.”

– Cllr Jonathan Smith, Lead Member for Smart Islands



Duchy of Cornwall

“The Smart Islands project is an enormous opportunity for residents of the Isles of Scilly to move towards a more sustainable future, an aim which The Duchy is pleased to support. The project has the potential to transform the lives of the islands' residents by lifting people of out fuel poverty, reducing carbon intensity and helping to develop STEM skills. It could see Scilly as a leading light in these areas.”

– Luke Humphries, Deputy Land Steward



Tresco Estate

“Tresco Estate is the largest business on the Isles of Scilly. In addition to our commercial properties, hotels and holiday cottages we are responsible for much of the infrastructure on Tresco and to a lesser extent on Bryher. As the owner of the business I am very supportive of the Smart Islands Project and feel that its stated objectives could be of great benefit to the future of quality of life and the economy of the Isles of Scilly.

The Smart Island Project links together many of the areas of vulnerability that the islands experience. Apart from the benefit of cheaper and more sustainable energy the concept of the islands being perceived as a living "laboratory" will I believe strengthen and diversify the economy which is currently dominated by tourism.

Smart Islands could produce another layer of sustainable economic activity which would be of great benefit. I'm therefore entirely in favour of the stated objectives.”

– Robert Dorrien-Smith DL, Owner of Tresco Estate



Islands' Partnership

“The Islands’ Partnership (IP) leads the sustainable growth of the islands' visitor economy and is responsible for marketing the Isles of Scilly as a destination.

The IP is wholly supportive of the vision and aspirations of the Smart Islands project. As a remote island community, Scilly faces a number of unique challenges which require bold and innovative solutions. The Smart Islands project promises to be the catalyst that will provide these, triggering a step-change in the efficiency and competitiveness of island businesses. Ultimately, it will play a vital role in laying the foundations for a more sustainable future for the islands’ economy and community as a whole.”

– David Jackson, Executive Director


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Isles of Scilly Community Venture

“The Isles of Scilly Community Venture has been set up as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company with the intention to share the benefits of the Smart Islands programme with people and businesses on Scilly. It will do this by managing a portfolio of assets for community benefit and use profits to reduce local energy bills.

2018 has been the start of this journey for the Community Venture when we partnered with not-for-profit energy supplier Our Power who will provide a competitive, local energy deal just for the Isles of Scilly – the “IoS Energy Share tariff”. Energy Share customers will in time also benefit by receiving a share of their electricity from locally generated solar energy. And looking to the future, we plan to cut bills by reducing the amount and cost of the energy used on the islands.

Also in 2018, the Community Venture will take control of its first assets – solar photovoltaic panels installed on Council properties and commercial sites. It will manage these assets for the benefit of the building occupants and for the community as a whole. As a key stakeholder in the Smart Islands programme, the Community Venture will remain close to future projects including the development of an electric car share scheme and a waste to energy plant and will ensure that these are designed with the community in mind.”

– Jim Wrigley, General Manager